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"Another Friday, and you know what that means!"

"Yes, yes, another party filled with sycophants, psychopaths, and other eccentric characters from Gensokyo. Were you to invite a few individuals for good company and intelligent conversation, I would happily oblige you, but alas, since when is modesty your strongpoint?"

"You flatter me, Patchy."

Patchouli scoffed and buried herself deeper into her book to escape the eyes of her friend. Another party was on the way and she wanted nothing to do with it. To be surrounded by so many people whom she had no interest in was detestable. She would rather endure one of Marisa's raids than to sit and listen to mindless chatter, drunken ramblings, or worse, one of Yuyuko's disgusting stories about food. Remilia noticed the mood her friend was in and patted her on the back with a grin.

"Jeez, Patchy... You have to find some way to cheer yourself up! Just because I'm going to have a blast doesn't mean you have to mope around in your room."

"I don't plan on moping about," Patchouli replied. "But you have a point. I should find something entertaining to take up my time."

"Want my advice?" Remilia didn't miss a beat or let Patchouli answer. "If you want a good time, spend it with someone you like. I'm sure there will be someone at the party who you like. Just say the word and I'll work my magic to bring her over to you."

"Remi, I don't need you to play matchmaker for me, but I appreciate the thought. I think I'll just find something I haven't read tonight..."

Remilia watched as Patchouli wandered away from her and frowned. Had she no appearances to keep or acquaintances to butter up, she would be with her friend having tea and gossiping. It wasn't fair for her to be off by her lonesome when Remilia was entertaining guests. Then, the gears in the vampire's head began to turn. If she couldn't be there to see to her friend, there was someone else who could.

The little vampire grinned and rubbed her hands together in glee as she set her glowing red eyes on Patchouli's retreating form. She wouldn't do anything malicious with her power in regards to her friend, but sometimes all that somebody needed was a little push in the right direction.

Night had begun to fall on the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Youkai, magicians and some very important humans flocked to the mansion and quickly took part in the festivities while servants like Meiling and Sakuya were on the run tending to their mistress' demands. Patchouli Knowledge retreated back to her lonely lair and threw herself upon her usual reading chair. She stretched out and tried to make herself comfortable before picking up a book to read. It was quiet in the library, but it wasn't a peaceful silence.

Despite her usual sedentary lifestyle, Patchouli felt restless that night. She could not deny that she wanted nothing to do with Remilia's party, nor did she feel the need to head up and grab a plate of whatever dish was being served up there. Her violet eyes tried to focus on the words of a novel before her, but the letters and lines began to blur before her until they were an indecipherable and uninteresting jumble of symbols. As much as it pained her to leave her comfort zone, Patchouli set her book down with a heavy sigh and rose to her feet.

"Perhaps... Some other activity would suffice?" she mumbled to herself. She tapped her chin in thought. "Potions, writing, a brisk walk? Shall I try my hand at taxidermy tonight? By the sigils of Elohim, why am I so restless and bored?"

Patchouli had half a mind to suspect Remilia of working her magic upon her. In the past when the two were new friends the little vampire had a habit of manipulating fate to make the magician always feel as if she had to do something. Granted, there was an issue with trust starting out and Remilia had many problems that had to be solved quickly, so her behavior was warranted. Plus, the magician wasn't the most motivated person to go to when one had a problem that didn't involve her. With a shake of her head, Patchouli shot down the notion and decided to wander down the aisles of her sanctum.

She looked to the torches hung around the library and noticed the moths fluttering about around them. To Patchouli, they looked as if they were dancing with one another in the warm glow of the fire. Even insects were having a good time, yet the goddess of her realm was restless and in need of something to attract her. She stood idly by and continued to watch the flutter of wings and gentle crackling of embers before a new sound caught her attention. Curious, she pressed herself against a nearby bookcase and eased herself towards the source of the sound.

Patchouli came out to an opening and looked over the area. The library had many lounge and reading areas for those who liked to set up a little base for their books. Couches, round tables, small desks, even a few modern chairs were scattered about in such a small space. An oil lantern burned softly on a nearby table and helped illuminate the area well enough for Patchouli to make out someone sitting down there. Surrounded by papers and books was the red-haired familiar herself, Koakuma.

Though she was a succubus and a devil by nature, Koakuma was unlike anything Patchouli had seen before. Years ago the magician had wanted a powerful familiar who could defend her and fight in her name. What dropped into her lap from Makai wasn't a powerful being but a little devil who didn't look like she was even capable of hurting a fly. Koakuma was shy, timid, and small compared to Patchouli. At first the magician was disappointed in her, but as time passed the little devil showed enough promise to earn herself a position as her familiar.

The purple-haired woman was tempted to leave the shy familiar alone, but before she could stop herself she had placed herself right behind her.

"Working well into the night I see."

Koakuma turned around with a frightened gasp and looked up at Patchouli. Her sleek red hair framed her face and partially obstructed her right eye; a nervous habit of hers. At times it seemed that the little devil just wanted to hide behind her hair and bury herself in her work.

"M-m-mistress! I'm sorry! I didn't hear you coming!"

"There's no need to apologize to me, Koakuma. You've done nothing wrong," Patchouli replied. She moved over to the devil's side and glanced down at the work before her. "You seemed so engrossed in your work that frankly I'm amazed you even heard me."

"S-sorry, I didn't mean to-"

"What did I say about apologizing needlessly?" Patchouli scolded.

At this the little devil flinched and shut her mouth. Patchouli caught her words and cursed herself before leaning in and giving a comforting smile.

"You worry too much, Koakuma. Don't fret over small things. It is a beautiful Friday night and Remilia is hosting a party. Though we aren't attending, the least we can do is allow ourselves some time to rest."

"You'd allow me to rest tonight? D-didn't you want these tomes restored?"

"Ja, I did, but I didn't specify when now, did I?" Patchouli reached over and closed the book that was in front of her familiar. "You are excused for tonight. Do as you wish."

Koakuma didn't look too convinced. If anything she seemed nervous and unsure of herself. Patchouli wasn't one to fret over her familiar, but seeing the creature before her looking like a mouse caught in a trap invoked something within her. She rested a hand on the devil's shoulder and cooed.

"No need to be so nervous around me, my little devil. I too have been thrust in a position that is alien to me. I am restless and bored, and you are a breath of fresh air to me."

Words were escaping Patchouli's lips faster than she could register them. It felt to her as if she wasn't thinking at all and instead was saying whatever fit the moment. Yet why was she speaking so informally around her familiar, and why did she want to stay close to her? A mistress should distance herself from her subjects and servants and keep things professional. And yet, Patchouli couldn't help but find Koakuma interesting and alluring.

"Restless?" Koakuma repeated as she looked to the hand on her shoulder.

"Mhmm. Restless. What about you? Surely a creature as diligent and hardworking as you would feel the desire to break the monotony, no?"

"I... I wouldn't mind a small break every so often, or a nap," Koakuma replied.

"Neither would I. I enjoy little catnaps every so often. Have you been getting your sleep, Koakuma?" Patchouli eased herself behind the devil and placed her other hand on her shoulder. Before she could stop herself she began to knead the skin there beneath the devil's clothes. "You look tired. Yet, you still look as young as the day I summoned you."

Koakuma shivered and blushed as she felt her mistress's hands begin to give her a massage. She stared forward in disbelief. It wasn't like her mistress to be so close and personal with her. Yet the little devil couldn't deny that this felt good, that this was indeed Patchouli's touch and that it was performed of her own volition.

"T-thank you, mistress. I've been trying to... What are y-you doing?"

Though Patchouli looked so calm and collected on the outside, inside she was asking that same question. She hesitated and stopped her ministrations for a moment before shaking her head and getting back to the shoulder massage.

"You're so tense. Relax, Koakuma. No servant of mine should feel as if they're on pins and needles." Patchouli leaned in closer and cooed into the devil's ear. "Would you like me to stop?"

"No... No, please. It feels nice, mistress."

"Mhmm... As do you, my little devil."

Patchouli felt a blush creep into her cheeks as she moved her hands down and rubbed Koakuma's arms. She couldn't comprehend the absurdity of the situation she had thrust upon herself. Here she was, the lady of the library, and she was seducing her succubus. Her body had begun to warm up and feel comfortable in the presence of the devil while second thoughts fluttered through her mind. She wanted to stop, but she wanted something more than that at the moment.

Companionship, company, someone to take to bed, someone to hold and reassure... It went against the standards and behavior she set for herself, but Patchouli wanted to have this servant close to her. To what end, she had little idea. It would be an experiment as well as a welcome reprieve from her usual cold nights. She only hoped that Koakuma wouldn't feel obligated to humor her.

"Ooooh... This feels good, thank you," Koakuma cooed as she let up on her tension. She dropped her pen to the desk before her and let out another soft coo of appreciation. "I don't feel so... uneasy anymore..."

"That's a good girl now," Patchouli whispered. She let her warm breath tickle the side of Koakuma's neck and reveled in the quiver she enticed. "Would you listen to a... a selfish request of mine?"

"Ah- Y-yes, anything for you."

"Anything?" The magician moved to Koakuma's side and reached for her chin. She cupped it and looked down into the one red eye she could see. "Well then... Come with me. I have need of you."

Koakuma's breath hitched in her throat as her eyes darkened. She lingered in her mistress' grasp until she felt the hand draw away from her chin. A strange yet oh-so-familiar feeling of desire washed over her and gave her the strength to stand up. She smoothed out her dress and fell behind her mistress as the latter began to move. Patchouli moved with such grace and poise that Koakuma couldn't help but become ensnared by her charms.

The mistress led her servant through the library and didn't stop for any conversation. She would look back every now and then to ascertain that Koakuma was still following, and that she was doing it because she wanted to. Patchouli allowed herself a strong blush of her own when she noticed her shy familiar's eyes on the hips that showed through her robes. Against all sound judgement, Patchouli took it as encouragement and put a sway in her step. When Koakuma lit up like some schoolgirl in the men's room, Patchouli considered it a personal victory.

She opened the door to her personal quarters and ushered her familiar in. For a frail magician, Patchouli had all the bases covered when it came to comfort. A lavish purple carpet, beautifully crafted decor, comfortable loveseats and plush armchairs, and finally a violet four-poster bed with satin sheets so perfect it put Daedalus to shame. The lady of the library stopped at the foot of her bed and, without turning to face her familiar, she began to speak. Her voice lacked its usual monotone quality and dipped into a cheery, if not seductive, tone.

"I know this may be sudden, but... I've been wanting to speak with you for some time."

"I... I d-don't mean to a burden, mistress," Koakuma replied, fearing a lecture or scolding. "I'm sorry if I may have-"

"Koa, Koa..." Patchouli turned and reached for the devil's cheek. She ran her hand through the red locks and searched for Koakuma's other eye. "How could a servant as wonderful as you be a burden? I should be thanking you for your service, your devotion... But I can do better than that."

"Better? W-what do you me-"

But Patchouli didn't let her finish. She grasped Koakuma by her chin and cheek and pulled her in close to her body. Her bosom pressed into the devil's own along with her plump lips. Koakuma let loose a muffled cry of bewilderment and almost pulled away had it not been for her mistress' hands on her. She eventually swooned and let her arms wrap around Patchouli's waist as she sank deeper and deeper into the kiss. This was all so sudden, yet it felt as if it couldn't have happened any other way.

The kiss continued for a few blissful seconds more before Patchouli pulled away. She barely stifled a giggle when she noticed how wanting Koakuma appeared.

"You're so adorable." Patchouli couldn't stop herself from placing a quick peck on the devil's lips as a follow-up. "You look like you enjoyed it!"

"Please... Don't stop," Koakuma begged, her lips pursed in anticipation.

"I have no intention of stopping, my little devil. You've been so good to me. I wish to reward you for your service."

Patchouli's hands roamed over her familiar's body and grasped anything she could reach as she moved in for another kiss. With the way Koakuma was leaning into the kiss on her end, Patchouli knew that she too wanted this as well. Knowing that filled the magician with a warm, energetic feeling. She massaged the base of Koakuma's wings and soon held her close by the small of her back. Neither of them wanted to let go, and if they each had their own way, they wouldn't have to.

The succubus felt her mistress' fingers working on the buttons of her uniform and did nothing to stop her. She had to pull away from the kiss to make it comfortable for the both of them to disrobe. Koakuma ran her fingers through her mistress' purple hair and removed her mob cap as if it was a sacred crown while Patchouli made some headway with the devil's vest and dress-skirt. With each and every article of clothing that slid off their bodies, their arousal and anticipation grew.

"M-mistress... Are you sure about this?" Koakuma whispered. She felt a breeze tickle her uncovered stomach and winced. "Are you... s-sure you're not just..."

"I am myself, Koa. I do suspect some influence that is not mine, but my feelings and desires are my own, and they are focused on you," Patchouli answered back. She reached up to her robes and slid them down her frame to the floor. "Now... As for you and I..."

With a nervous giggle Koakuma moved forward to voice another one of her concerns when Patchouli reached up to her bra and unclasped it. The devil's eyes widened to teacup-sized proportions as soon as the flimsy piece of clothing hit the ground along with a pair of purple panties.

Patchouli wasn't very tall, yet she stood a head above Koakuma. Her figure was average at best from years of being bedridden and her skin was pale, yet her hips were wide, her bosom was plentiful and her lips were plump. Koakuma couldn't help but feel like her body was underdeveloped compared to her mistress. Her own form was short and thin; like a young adult who had yet to fill out properly. She stared at the beauty before her and struggled to keep herself sane.


"Ah!" Koakuma found it difficult to swallow. "Yes mistress?"

"Come here." Patchouli moved back to the foot of her bed and beckoned with a finger for her familiar to follow. Her eyes were narrowed and her lips were pursed in such a seductive fashion that Koakuma would be damned if she didn't oblige. "Come, my darling devil... Let my body be your reward for all that you've done for me."

At that Koakuma's eyes lit up in adoration. She gave in to her desires and unfurled her demonic wings to their full length as she reached for her mistress' hips. Easing the magician onto her bed, Koakuma crawled forward and straddled her. Patchouli giggled as noticed how overjoyed and bewildered her devil was to see her wearing nothing. It was like looking down into the face of a child at a candy store. Koakuma lowered herself down and suckled at her mistress' collarbone while her hands slid up and down her sides. Though she was a timid creature, she was still a succubus by nature.

The two explored each other's bodies as they cuddled there on the bed. Patchouli was well-read enough to know what to do under the current circumstances and reached around Koakuma's wings to unhook her bra. Her fingers brushed against the rubbery texture of her servant's wings and she shuddered in delight when she felt something similar slither against her calves. The succubi's tail had taken notice of the burst of activity and explored the pale skin before it. Meanwhile Koakuma's lips traversed from collarbone to collarbone, cheek to cheek, and finally to a spot right on Patchouli's neck.

"Haa! I... I h-hope this doesn't tarnish your opinion of me," Patchouli mewed. She arched her back and let loose a soft moan of pleasure at Koakuma's kisses. "I'm not... n-normally..."

"It's okay, mistress. I understand," Koakuma cooed back. She shrugged off her bra and smiled. "I'd love you no matter how you act."

"Is that so?"

Patchouli's serene smile contorted into a coy grin as she let the weight of Koakuma's words sink in. It figured that there was some attraction on Koakuma's side, but to hear it gave the magician the courage to do something bold. She lowered one hand to the devil's inner thighs and spread her fingers out to knead the area. At the same time she snuck her other hand over and let it rest on Koakuma's pert buttocks as if she was staking her claim to it. Undaunted by the cry of surprise she enticed, Patchouli propped herself up and took her devil's lips in her own once again.

Nimble fingers wound their way to the areas that needed the most attention. Koakuma felt a tongue slide across her bottom lip and blushed harder before giving it admission. She rested her hands on her mistress' generous bosom and played with her nipples whenever she could. A steady heat had just begun to rise in her body, but she knew that it would take a lot more than a couple of touches to her thighs to bring about her rapture. Koakuma pulled away from her mistress' enticing lips and latched onto a nipple like a suckling cub while her free hand moved down to the area between Patchouli's legs.

She teased and nudged her mistress' womanhood, eagerly taking in every sharp, pleasure-soaked hiss that escaped from the magician's lips. Koakuma recoiled every so often as she feared that she was being an inconvenience, but the way Patchouli's cheeks glowed to the happy expression in her eyes gave the devil the courage to go further. She ran her fingers over the sensitive folds before dipping one finger, then another, into her mistress' innermost sanctum. It felt like fine silk; moist and warm to the touch. As Koakuma did this she returned her lips to an aching nipple and went right back to suckling.

"Huh... Ha, K-Koa... You're doing well, Koa," Patchouli cooed.

"Mhmm..." Koakuma flicked the nipple with her tongue before leaving a trail of kisses up the magician's collarbone and neck. "Thank you so much, mistress."

"I haven't felt this way in decades. Just keep d-" Patchouli was cut off by the sensation of Koakuma's rubbery, demonic tail pressing against her womanhood. "Eeehh?"

"S-sorry, it tends to have a mind of its own," Koakuma whimpered.

The magician sniveled and began to pant as time passed. She mewed every so often and tried to give Koakuma her attention as well, usually by letting her fingers roam over the devil's body. She too teased and caressed her familiar's womanhood and other erogenous zones to the best of her ability. After enough massaging and teasing, Koakuma sensed that it was time to get serious. Her flexible tail came around and lingered at Patchouli's lower entrance like a snake looming over its burrow.

"Mistress," Koakuma whispered, her voice thick with a mixture of love and lust. She brought her moistened fingers up and looked through them at her mistress. "C-can I... Would you allow me to-"

To her surprise Patchouli reached up and took one of Koakuma's hands in her own. She intertwined their fingers and nodded.

"Do as you wish. My body is your reward." Patchouli reached for the other, soiled hand and surprised Koakuma by licking her fingers. She purred and looked as excited as she could get. "Take me, Koa. I'm as ready as I'll ever be."

Without needing to be told twice, Koakuma lowered her hips and rested her thighs against one of her mistress' legs. She nibbled Patchouli's bottom lip and willed her tail down into her aching womanhood. The demonic tail, an extension of a succubi's being, pushed forward and hilted comfortably inside before thickening and spreading out. Patchouli whimpered at the warm, rubbery sensation and held onto her familiar like an anchor. She gritted her teeth and dug her fingers into her devil's skin as she tried to calm down and become acquainted with the demonic member inside of her.

"Lady Patchouli? Are you alright?" Koakuma cried.

"Ja... Ja, I'm fine, Koa. It's been so many years since I've done this." Patchouli looked up into Koakuma's eyes and giggled. "This... feels much better than I remember."

"You're too kind, mistress."

"Please, you can move now."

The devil nodded and placed a reassuring kiss on her mistress' forehead before easing herself back into the act. She shrank her tail back only to thrust it back inside and begin building up a rhythm while her fingers continued to play with anything they came across. Koakuma blushed and moaned as she moved around, feeling every minute twitch and shudder that came from her tail. She reveled in the moans that arose from her mistress' lips and quickened her pace considerably. Cliche or not, the sounds of their lovemaking echoed throughout the room.

Patchouli was in rapture. She pressed her familiar tight against her body and held her close as the latter explored her. She moaned with passion at every thrust while her hands busied themselves with the devil's pert chest and arms. Doing such an act with her servant was to be looked down upon, but the sensations running up Patchouli's spine made her indifferent to the shame. As she looked down at her lower body to observe her familiar's fervent movements, she realized that she couldn't feel even the slightest bit of shame. She loved her familiar, and she wanted the best for her.

After enough time had passed and the two women had reached their breaking point, the two of them could feel the most astounding of sensations bubbling up within their bodies. Patchouli had managed to flip the positioning around and was straddling her familiar from above when her joints locked up. Her hips bucked against Koakuma's own while her innermost sanctum clenched tightly around the tail. She whimpered and arched her back as her climax washed over her before sending her down on top of her familiar.

And Koakuma too fell to the satin sheets, her breathing labored and her chest rising and falling in unpredictable intervals. She panted and suckled at Patchouli's collarbone once again as she slid her tail out. The rubbery appendage laid exhausted nearby, drenched in fluids while the devil herself glowed in the candlelight from the sweat dripping off of her small frame. With a satisfied smile she looked up at her beloved mistress and expressed her gratitude with a warm kiss to her lips.

Patchouli returned the gesture tenfold before pulling away.

"Ha... Haa... Oh Koa, th-thank you," she cooed. "I couldn't ask for a more... more beloved servant than you."

"I'm the one who should be thanking you!" Koakuma chirped back. She cuddled up against her mistress' side and beamed as tears of joy pricked her eyes. "Mistress? I'm your beloved servant?"

"Would you like to be?"

"I would like nothing more than that, to be close to you like this," Koakuma whispered.

The violet-haired woman reached over and ran her fingers through her familiar's red locks. She managed to calm down and compose herself enough to give a serene smile and a comforting rub. Patchouli soon drew her familiar close to her and pulled the sheets over them both. The two wouldn't be the same when together anymore, not after a night such as that. Though it was not the most storybook example of a confession of love, when it came down to a mistress and her succubus, it was hard to imagine it happening any other way.

"Ach... I'm too tired to do much else."

"Will you... Will you still be here when I wake up?"

"Of course I will," Patchouli cooed. She laid a kiss upon Koakuma's forehead and pressed her into her comforting bosom. "Good night, my darling Koa."

"Ghhdmh nhhm mhmstresh," Koakuma mewed, her voice muffled.

The next morning Patchouli was awoken by the sound of someone opening the door to her room. At first she thought nothing of it, but as the door creaked open and silence rushed in, she opened her eyes and shot up in bed. She feared that Koakuma had walked out on her, yet there the little devil was curled up next to her, still sleeping soundly. Patchouli rubbed her eyes and looked over to the door to try and figure out who was there. When she realized who it was, she let out an 'eep' of embarrassment and covered herself up.

There stood Remilia Scarlet, the grand manipulator of fate, and she did not look pleased. If anything, she looked bewildered as if stumbling across something so outlandish it defied all description.

"What in the world...?" Remilia turned away and covered her eyes. "Judas Priest Patchy! I didn't expect to see you like this!"

"Remi?!" Patchouli clutched her sheets and glared at her friend. She glanced over at the still-sleeping Koakuma and placed a finger to her lips. "Shh... Keep your voice down. Did you do this to me?"

"Do what to who now?"

Remilia came close and noticed the little red-haired devil cuddled up against Patchouli's side and blanched.

"Did you manipulate fate to make me seduce my own familiar?"

"What? No! No, of course not Patchy." Remilia blushed and rubbed the back of her neck. "I mean... I did mess with you tonight, but this wasn't on my mind."

"So you did use your power... To what end?" Patchouli hissed.

"I was uh, I just made you restless and tried to push you towards the basement so you could play with Flan for the night," Remilia whimpered. She chuckled and stepped away to leave. "I should probably go now. S-sorry for any problems I may have-"

"So I truely did this of my own volition," Patchouli interjected as she looked down at Koakuma. She chirped and pumped her fists in glee before turning and giving Remilia a conniving smile. "Good morning, Madame Scarlet. You'll have to excuse me for this afternoon. I'm afraid I'll be sleeping in."

Remilia gulped and retreated out of the room. She knew that a hex was on its way from the kind of smile Patchouli gave her...
Seducing a Succubus
2/23/2015 - I wanted to write a 'lemon', as the cool kids call it, but I also wanted to explore an assertive, affectionate Patchouli with a shy and submissive Koakuma. 

(Sarcasm below.)

"So MM, what were you doing for Valentine's Day and your Birthday?"
"Oh nothin' much. Just thinkin' of making two fictional characters bang."

And from that day forth I was regarded as a man who had his priorities straight.
Author's Note: Oi?! What's this? Why, Major Mario, this isn't Touhou Project or Street Fighter! Indeed, you're right! Check down in the description if you want information, but if you know about Valkyria Chronicles, you don't need to bother right away!

Despite the destruction of the Darcsen concentration camps at Fouzen, and with it the massacre of an unacceptable amount of the dark blue-haired people, the liberation of the industrial mining town was a success. Squad 7 of the Gallian Militia had done what they could and defeated General Gregor along with his forces. For the Darcsens, they would never forget the courage and valor shown by the men and women in blue uniform. As for the members of Squad 7, with the exception of a certain gray-haired sniper, they would never forget the grateful looks on their faces that helped them answer why they fought for a free Gallia. Their only regret was that they couldn't save everyone.

Squad 7 returned to the Gallian Army's central base, Fort Amatrain in Randgriz, and were given a few days to rest and recover. Captain Varrot was not known for giving out free passes, but she consistently found herself placed in positions where she couldn't help but love and respect Squad 7, and by extension, all of the Gallian Militia. Everyone was grateful for the reprieve and went off to cope or mingle with their friends and comrades. Fouzen had taken a lot out of the squaddies and it would take time for them to return to their usual boisterous nature.

In the meantime Squad 7's leader, 2nd Lieutenant Welkin Gunther, had his hands full making sure none of his comrades got into any trouble while juggling administration work. When Largo, Rosie and Alicia were unable to attend to troublemakers or rising stars in the ranks, the burden fell to Welkin. Nobody in Squad 7 would do anything heinous, and most of the time it was a tiny infraction or a voiced concern from a comrade that brought a squaddie to Welkin's office. That said, there were plenty of outstanding members of the squad who were infamous for something in the heat of battle, and Welkin had the misfortune of addressing one of them.

"Commander?" The brown-haired boy tried to get his commander's attention from across the office. He regretted getting the nature-loving Lieutenant a caterpillar for he was engrossed by it. "Uh... Mr. G? Could you please..."

"Oh? Sorry Emile, I got distracted, didn't I?" Welkin chuckled and looked out at the young sniper from his mop of drab hair. "It's just... The caterpillar you caught has formed a green chrysalis of the likes of a typical migratory monarch butterfly! They're not usually found this far up north! Wow, to see those beautiful wings unfurled from the chrysalis like some pheonix rising from-"

Emile rubbed the back of his neck and cleared his throat.

"Drat, I did it again... Alright, you've got my attention. What were you saying again?"

"I'm worried about Ms. Turner, sir."

"Turner? Do you mean Jane Turner? Our shocktrooper from Bruhl?" Welkin sat up straight in his chair and gave Emile an inquisitive look. The young sniper nodded. "What's the matter with her?"

"Uh, she's fine! I mean, she's not sick or anything. It's just that she was making a few threats to some of the other squads recently." Emile looked embarrassed and a little ashamed of himself. Though he was only 15, he loved his comrades and didn't like ratting any of them out. "I don't mean to start something, but I'm worried. Ms. Turner usually keeps a sidearm on her at all times, and I don't want something bad to happen if worse comes to worst."

Welkin nodded and cradled his chin in his hand.

"Threats huh? I find it hard to believe Jane would threaten a comrade out of the blue. Emile, do you know if she was instigated? Sometimes people say things they don't mean."

"No sir. I think my brother and Mr. Salinger know what happened, but I haven't seen either of them today yet."

"Alright." Welkin stood up and took another long glance at the encased chrysalis on his desk before smoothing out his uniform. "Instigated or not, I don't want this to escalate. I'll talk with Jane and see what I can do. Is that all, Emile?"

Emile gave a curt salute and looked as if he was on the verge of a nervous collapse.

"Y-you won't tell her about me, will you? I'm frail enough as it is. I really, really don't want a heart attack, sir."

"Don't worry," Welkin replied with a chuckle. "I won't. You're dismissed. Oh, and if you stumble across any rare insects, I'd be more than happy to take a look at them. Ah! Maybe you could try to find a northwestern crimsonhead spider! The season is just right for them to come out and I've been waiting for the chance to find one out in the field. They've got a wonderful set of mandibles that can- Emile?" Welkin looked around the office and noticed that Emile had left just as he was beginning one of his nature rants. The Lieutenant gave a sheepish grin. "Huh... Maybe he was really eager to find one..."

Everyone in Squad 7 had their quirks and unique personalities. Ted Ustinov was an easygoing jokester, Rosie was a gruff big sister, Largo was a grizzly bear of a man with an insatiable and mildly concerning love for vegetables and Alicia was the stubborn mother-figure who held the squad together. No matter if they were misogynistic, misandristic or asocial, everyone cared for the other in their own unique way. Even Marina, the emotionless sniper, cared for her comrades if her putting holes in approaching enemy stormtroopers was anything to go by. But Jane Turner... She was a touchy case; a double-edged sword.

Welkin stood in his office and gazed over at the Gallian Medal of Honor sitting on one of his many bookcases. His friend, Faldio, would be quick to point out that other officers would be doing something more productive with their time. Field reports, R&D potentials, battle plans, even schmoozing with the other officers would be something that seemed more important. But Welkin was a strange man who, though unpredictable at times, never failed to get the job done. Squad 7 was his family, and family came first.

Just as the young officer began to daydream about how the medal reminded him of some outrageous creature he heard a knock on his door.

"Come in."

The door opened to reveal the infamous Jane Turner herself in all her glory. A tall, dark-haired woman with bluish-gray eyes and no need for makeup, Jane quickly filled the room despite not even setting a foot inside it. She gave her commanding officer a cold look more akin to a glare and stalked her way to the foot of his desk. Her uniform and stormtrooper armor was immaculate and proved that she was more than capable of utilizing it to its full potential. With her lips set in a firm line she clicked her heels together and saluted the younger man.

"Private Jane Turner, reporting." She narrowed her eyes. "You wanted to see me, sir?"

For a moment Welkin had to compose himself. He was a calm man by heart, but hearing the gruff and callous voice coming from such a woman like Jane was enough to send a shiver down his spine. He returned her salute and gestured to a chair opposite him across the desk. Though he sat down, Jane chose not to follow.

"At ease, private," Welkin offered.

"I like to stand," Jane replied. She relaxed her posture and spread out her feet to make herself comfortable. "So... Let me guess... Oscar's little brother, right?"

"I'm afraid I can't say," Welkin managed to reply. "I assume you know why you're here?"

Jane looked as if she wanted to dodge the question, yet her lips curled up ever so slightly in amusement after a moment's hesitation.

"I'm here because people don't know how to appreciate a soldier's work."

"You made a few threats towards some of the other squads in the militia, including Squad 1. None of the men and women in this squad have done that before. During operations, yes, but never to another comrade." Welkin took a deep breath. "I understand what happened at Fouzen, but that doesn't warrant hostility to our comrades. Why were you making threats?"

"Does it matter?" Jane asked.

Welkin was about to respond when he noticed one of Jane's hip-guards was missing, and in its place was a pistol in its holster.

"Is that loaded?"

"Safety's on."

"...Alright." Welkin chose to let the sidearm go for the moment. Though there wasn't anything against units having sidearms while on leave, this was Jane Turner who possessed it. "Did you brandish that at anyone, Jane?"

"Not yet," came the cold reply.

Out of all the stormtroopers in Squad 7, Jane Turner was arguably the best. She was a crack shot with her machinegun, she covered her squaddies well and followed orders without question on the battlefield. However, there was a cruelty to the woman. She wanted to be on the frontlines gunning down any Imperial soldier that crossed her path. The other soldiers harbored some guilt for the enemies they had slain in combat, but not Jane. From the mad grin on her face to the unceasing hailstorm of bullets that poured from the hot barrel of her gun, it was obvious that Jane enjoyed the killing.

Her hatred for the Imperials burned just as brightly as her sadism did. Nearly everyone in Gallia had a reason to hate the Imperials for some grievance or another, but Jane had let her reason simmer and boil over instead of concealing it or doing away with it as many others did. She hated their lancers, the sluggish tanks, their tactics, their nobility and cursed anyone who had any sympathy for them. The woman wouldn't hesitate to spit on the graves of her enemies either, if given the chance.

"I know your hatred for the Imperials runs deep, but don't let it boil over to your squadmates," Welkin advised.

"They ain't my squadmates," Jane scoffed with imprudence. "Squad 7's good people, but those other guys can kiss my ass."


"Oh, right. Permission to speak freely?"

Welkin raised a hand to massage his temples.


"I'm tossin' out threats not because of spite but because of the gall of those bastards." Jane cocked a thumb towards herself and began to pace the room. "I didn't go through the godforsaken desert and fight a giant tank just to come back and have our accomplishes get tarnished by some no-good jackass jokers."

"Are you saying that you're threatening the other squads because of what happened at Barious?" Welkin raised his brow. "Were they talking about that Valkyria?"

"No. Fouzen, sir."

"But I said that-"

Jane turned on her heel and shot her commanding officer a dirty look.

"I know what you said," she interjected, cutting him off despite their difference in rank. She brushed her nose and turned to the side. "You were there, commander. They weren't. We can talk about Fouzen. They got no right to." For a moment Jane remained silent. She looked back at Welkin and frowned. "I told one of the boys about the concentration camps we saw in Fouzen. When I told 'em they were burned, someone had the nerve to rub salt in the wound. I could've ruined his jaw if I wanted to. I had the chance," she muttered with a snicker.

"But you threatened them instead."

"Mhmm. Figured I'd warn them first. It ain't fun beatin' up somebody who ain't prepared."

The Lieutenant nodded and folded his hands across his lap. Liberating Fouzen, the one area in Gallia with the most Darcsens, was a trial for every man and woman in Squad 7. He hadn't expected many of the men and women in Squad 7 to tolerate the Darcsen they came across, let alone the four in their ranks. Most of the soldiers avoided the dark blue-hairs and didn't make conversation with them. Some voiced their disdain openly, but they never did anything to compromise the integrity of the squad.

Wavy, Nadine, Zaka and Isara were Darcsens, but more than that, they were family. Isara was Welkin's adoptive sister, and he was always quick to protect her from any and all forms of discrimination, plus stand up for her. Nowadays the stubborn girl does it all by herself, and she's done a splendid job of handling Rosie as well.

Thinking back to the liberation of Fouzen, Welkin remembered deploying Jane with him and the others as they made their assault with the Edelweiss. He didn't care for her reckless and sadistic attitude, especially when she gunned down a destroyed tank's surviving crew without remorse, but she had done something that stood out to both him and his sister. Nadine, the squad's Darcsen engineer, had been cut off from the rest of the advancing force by moving ahead too quickly. Whether out of the temptation to kill more Imperials or not, Jane surged forward and made her way to the engineer. She had provided enough covering fire to get Nadine out of there, and when she had perforated every Imperial in sight, she came running back to her for ammo when no-one else did, save Welkin of course.

And it wasn't just Nadine either. During a skirmish in the Kloden wildwood Jane had been positioned at the rear while the scouts and lancers spearheaded the assault. She was left alone at the forward base with only Wavy, a Darcsen scout and teacher, for company. In hindsight it was a terrible decision to make on Welkin's account, but he needed the eyes of a scout and the power of a stormtrooper to protect the forward base. When the squad's main force returned after the skirmish was over, they saw Jane and Wavy looming over the bodies of a previously unseen squad of Imperials. Though both were uneasy with each other's perspective on combat and killing, they had gotten along without a fuss.

"Ah... So that's how it is then."

"What's up?" Jane asked.

"You're doing this because you're trying to defend Squad 7," Welkin replied. "We're not on the battlefield, Jane, and we don't threaten our comrades. But I understand why you did what you did, and... I appreciate it."

"Huh. Bossman's finally seeing things my way for once." Jane shrugged and shook her head. "Look, I don't see race. If a dark-hair is gonna watch my back, I'm gonna do the same for them. And besides, anyone willin' to put holes in Imps is my buddy."

"That's good to hear!"

Welkin stood up from his desk and folded his arms.

"Though, Jane, you have to realize that you're speaking for the Darcsens when you're threatening others about that kind of thing. That's not their way. I know Isara, and she's not one to issue threats."

"Yeah, yeah," Jane grumbled with a wave of her hand. "Message received. I'll try and control myself next time. Sound good to you, sir?"

"Yes. Sounds alright with me, though threatening a comrade is deserving of a reprimand. It's a minor offense." Welkin unfolded his arms and smiled at Jane. "You can choose the punishment. No mess hall duty, though. I'm not falling for that this time."

"Hahaha... Alright, I'll take my pick then and let you know by tonight."

The stormtrooper clicked her heels together and stood at attention once again. She snapped a curt salute as Welkin did the same before heading out. Just as she was about to leave his office, she turned and stopped in the doorway.

"Oh and sir?"


"You're alright, I guess," Jane murmured with a coy smile.
Reprimand For Turner
So, I've been playing a lot of Valkyria Chronicles lately and I love it. I love these characters, or at least most of them. It's like anime, Fire Emblem and WWII all mixed up into one! I wanted to write this so I could keep my skills sharp, but also so I could explore Jane Turner, one of the shocktroopers of Squad 7. She's a sadist, much like someone else we all know, but she has a deep hatred for the Imperials in the game. I figured that her hatred can't be all bad if she's working well with the other squaddies.

The parts about Nadine and Wavy actually happened to me in-game, though I elaborated with them both. Having Jane run head-first into enemy fire only for her to laugh and shout "You think bullets'll stop me!?" was a pleasure.

This is Jane Turner ->…
This is Welkin Gunther ->…
This is- Imma go play some more Valkyria Chronicles now. I've got my priorities straight!
Everyone was overjoyed to see that Malus was defeated for good. The sheer amount of magic exchanged in the final battle with the lich had given the residents a lot of worry. They, save for Marisa, unconsciously held back from using their most powerful of spells for fear of obliterating Malus beyond any hope of rescuing the doting librarian. Seeing her come back from the depths of her imprisoned mind was a relief. Other than the destroyed library and a few battle scars, things seemed like they would soon return to normal.

Though Koakuma and Patchouli experienced Malus' desolate dimension in their minds, for all the others they saw the devil and magician sprawled out on the floor in an unconscious heap. The two took ragged breaths when they came to and looked around to make sure they were back home. Remilia rushed over to embrace her companion of a hundred years and fussed over her like a doting mother while Koakuma did the same. It took a full minute for the vampire to remember that she was amongst servants and she felt a tinge of embarrassment for them having seen her non-refined side. But nobody cared. Even Sakuya, despite her wounds and tattered uniform, broke character just long enough to show some emotion.

That night the mansion's residents could rest easy. Though the library was in ruins and the residents were exhausted, time would mend all. Malus' tainted energy gradually dissolved away from the library and found itself under the control of a youkai of darkness who was far too lazy to use it. The aura of malice that pervaded the mansion had lifted away and returned it to its usual lofty and mysterious appearance. Garden plants and other bits of vegetation close to the library, which had been killed off from being in close proximity to a lich, pushed their way past dead twigs and flanked the exterior with all manner of bright colors. And that was just the mansion tending to itself.

Meiling, despite being built like a brick wall, had suffered the most from her injuries. A direct hit from a fireball had knocked her unconscious and covered her body in first to second degree burns. The next morning she sprang from her bed as if nothing had ever happened. Such was the dexterity of a youkai guard who never let anything set her back. Bright and cheery, the guard gave her regards to Patchouli and went back to her post, all the while being completely oblivious to her charred and still smoking outfit.

Sakuya was alarmed to know that she was given a day off for rest and relaxation after all the chaos in the library. As the chief maid it was her duty to work until there was nary a speck of dust in the mansion. Remilia had to force the girl into her room and tried to bribe her with all sorts of sweets and trinkets. Though Sakuya appreciated the time to recuperate, whenever her mistress wasn't looking the maid took the chance to freeze time and help out in the library. Doing something productive made her happy, so the mistress of the mansion decided Sakuya was a lost cause and let her off on doing light work for the remainder of the week.

Once Malus' mindless puppets, next obliterated, two dozen fairy maids were found the next morning sprawled out in the garden. With no recollection of anything that had happened and lacking the intelligence to question their own spontaneous existence, the fairy maids invaded the mansion and went to work on the library. For them, ignorance truly was bliss. Their incessant chatter and cheerful work ethic was the catalyst for Sakuya's restlessness. In time the maids were being ordered around by the chief and preparations for rebuilding the library had gone underway.

After making sure that the mansion's staff was as organized as it could get and her best friend was in good hands, Remilia kicked her feet up and went back to business as usual. One might think that Remilia had been bored one day and orchestrated the entire incident, but on second thought, having her best friend be overshadowed by a lich wasn't her idea of entertainment. The vampire did have a great love for the arts, so manipulating fate to get a dramatic reaction might not be out of the question. As for Marisa, she spent the night at the mansion and figured she had been cleared of all her past crimes for her assistance. Though Patchouli was both surprised and grateful that her usual thief had helped out, she was quick to remind her of all the books that still needed to be returned.

In a week the library had been fully restored to its previous splendor, and Patchouli was most appreciative. The grounded goddess gazed upon rows and rows of new bookcases and remastered books with pride. She thumbed through a collection of books on her desk and picked out one to read when she noticed a shadow in the corner of her eye. Looking up she locked eyes with her familiar and smiled.

"Still more?"

"Of course mistress." Koakuma placed a few brightly-colored children's books down on Patchouli's desk. "The fairies picked these out for me to restore."

"Ah, this genre now?" Patchouli picked up one book and chuckled. "Such simple reads, yet such deep meanings. I tip my hat to you, Mr. Geisel."

"I envy those fairies now. For them everything is a new read!"

"Yes, yes. I imagine this generation of fairies will be more likely to spend their off-hours in my library now after all the work they put into it," Patchouli replied. She sighed and shook her head. "I hope they know enough to have an appreciation for their work, else we're going to have problems with their book returns."

"Heh... Two dozen Marisas," Koakuma chuckled.

"Won't that be a fright?"

Patchouli propped her chin up on her hands and placed her elbows on her desk. She stared at Koakuma while her smile widened. After being with the magician for so long, it didn't take long for the little devil to understand what was on her mind. She held her hands behind her back and leaned over the desk to get eye-level with her mistress. Patchouli pursed her lips and leaned in to give the familiar a chaste kiss on her lips before whispering in her ear.

"I couldn't ask for a better familiar than you, Koakuma. Would you humor me tonight?"

"T-Tonight?" Koakuma looked flustered, but she wouldn't dare turn down her mistress. "Yes, yes of course. What would you ask of me?"

"I need a model."

"Come again?"

The magician gave a knowing smirk and repeated herself.

"A model, Koakuma. I've been trying my hand at weaving and fashioning garments out of special silk, and I'd love for you to try them on for me to see if they're comfortable." A faint blush crept into Patchouli's cheeks. "And... I'd love to see you in them."

"As you wish, mistress," Koakuma cooed back. Her face fell and contorted into a confused frown. "Wait... Special silk? Mistress, I didn't know that we had any silk to work with."

"Oh, I must have forgotten to tell you. Kokumo, could you come here for a moment?"

Koakuma felt something skitter out from beneath Patchouli's desk and yelped. A black and yellow spider as large as a bulldog climbed up the side of the magician's desk and perched itself upon a stack of books. Eight black beady eyes swiveled around and fixed themselves on the sight of the little devil paralyzed in fear before it. Despite its horrible appearance and disgusting size, Patchouli looked at it on her desk as if it was merely a kitten. She even gave it a name!

After the little devil calmed down, she realized that the spider had to be from the summoning tome that Kourindou's owner had given them.

"Mistress! It's... A-are you sure it isn't dangerous?" Koakuma whimpered.

"Of course! This is the argiope aurantia, the common garden spider. Yes, they are venomous, but to the degree of a mere bee sting. Kokumo is completely harmless, and she's been very helpful in giving me the silk I requested." Patchouli reached into her desk and rummaged around for a moment before pulling out a small frog. She tossed it to the monstrosity on her desk and watched in glee as it snapped its mandibles and devoured the poor amphibian. "Seeing as she's sterile, I think it would be a good idea to let her loose in the garden so she can take care of those garden pests. I've had quite enough of those insects going through my herbs."

"A good idea? Meiling might not like having it in the garden."

"Oh come now, surely she would appreciate a companion!"

An image of the large spider resting next to Meiling like a guard dog flashed through Koakuma's mind. She imagined it skittering about and climbing over everything, even running up to visitors to greet them. If that actually happened, Meiling would be out of a job and no-one would come to the mansion for fear of the giant spider. Well, maybe not Yamame. The little devil shook her head to clear the thought and rubbed her temples.

"Ugh... Well, if you want to let it loose, mistress, it's your decision and I'll respect it. But I hope that this doesn't cause another incident."

"Since when have I caused an incident?" Patchouli retorted as she stood up. She tugged at her robes and sauntered over to Koakuma, who remained silent. "I have every bit of confidence that a few more pairs of legs in the garden wouldn't hurt at all. But enough talk of spiders and silk. You and I have much to do in the future."

"M-more books to remaster, mistress?" Koakuma asked.

"Not quite..." Patchouli gave a sly wink and cooed, "I was thinking more along the lines of consummation..."

At this the familiar turned beat red.


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Mark Thomas Barden
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hello, my name is Mark Barden, or Major Mario, depending on if you find me on Steam or in Team Fortress 2. I write Street Fighter fanfiction and create pictures using Valve's Garry's Mod. If you would like a request, don't be shy to send it to me. I can do just about anything, provided it isn't explicit, extremely complicated, or if it involves photoshop.

My stance on photoshop is this: you use it because you want your art appreciated by everyone, and if you do use it, you weren't satisfied with what your skills gave at first. I don't use photoshop for major or minor edits because I'm happy with what I have. I'm satisfied enough to accept the work as is. Art should be carried out with the artist in mind, not with the masses nagging at your noggin. Create for yourself, then show it off.

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